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Leading through quality and innovation. The company Fischer+Entwicklungen hold the top spot on the global market for crashworthy seats for helicopters with this philosophy and is clearly ahead of competitors. Of course, the company not only wants to maintain this lead it also wants to expand it. Therefore, clear focus is on offering the customer the best-possible quality for the greatest possible safety of passengers from the planning to the production of a new product.

For Fischer+Entwicklungen, quality also means offering the customer individual solutions. A fraction of individual components is used for different seats of various models. Approx. 90 percent of the individual components are developed and produced individually.

F+E even top legal standards. The law requires that helicopter seats must absorb a load of a minimum of 30 g, the seats from Landshut handle 32 g in the civil sector and gravitational forces of up to 50 g are possible for special seats for the military sector. The success of this philosophy has proven itself right. More than 60 existing customers worldwide choose products from Fischer+Entwicklungen.

About us

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B/E Aerospace Fischer 
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